In-ground Pools



      Steel walls – The steel wall pool panel is made of corrosion resistant steel, and is also complete with braces and support ribs for lasting durability. When combined with the structural design of the panels, steel walls provide unparalleled strength for your dream pool experience


       Polymer walls – The polymer wall panel, composed of a heavy-duty and durable plastic, is completely non-corrosive, as strong as steel and made to withstand the elements. As a rigid composite material similar to what’s used in automobiles and sports equipment, the innovative design of polymer wall panels provides premium performance and longevity for your new swimming pool




  • Using cutting-edge technologies, Carbon Fiber is strategically infused in Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools to structurally reinforce specific areas. Carbon Fiber has the highest compressive strength of ALL the reinforcing materials. The same high strength material found in automobiles, boats, and airplanes is available in our pools!
  • Your investment in a Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pool is enhanced by its long-term durability and the savings in monthly chemical, electric, and maintenance costs
  •  Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools never need resurfacing, repainting, re-plastering, or re-marciting. The smooth, nonabrasive finish and inert composition help inhibit algae formation. Fiberglass pools also exhibit a superb flexible strength, enabling them to withstand unstable soil conditions and the pressures resulting from excessive changes in temperatures