Above Ground Pools

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Doughboy Package Includes:

  • Pool of your choice
  • Your Choice of Cartridge or Sand Filter with Pump
  • Standard Thru-Wall Skimmer
  • Confer model 7000 heavy duty A-Frame ladder
  • Solar Cover Deluxe Maintenance Kit with vac hose, vac pole, leaf net, wall brush, thermometer, test strips, and vac head
  • Automatic Chemical Feeder
  • Start-Up chemicals
  • Automatic Pool Vacuum


All Pools Include Limited Warranty. (The life of the warranty varies with different pool models).

We have literature for all our pools and a staff that can educate you and assist you on all pool and spa related topics.

**ALL of the above ground pools are proudly made in the USA!**


Come in today to get a quote for your new above ground pool, and sign up to be one of the first pools put in this season.

Or call: 330-536-6399





48" or 52" Pool Wall

7" Steel Flare Top Rails and 6" Steel Verticals

35-Year Limited Warranty on all components


52" Pool Wall

6.5" Resin Top Rails and 6" Resin Verticals

35-Year Limited Warranty on all components


52" Pool Wall

8" Resin Top Rails and 7" Resin Verticals

Lifetime Warranty on all components